Ace your license theory exam with ease!

The ECQB-PPL is an international question bank for private pilot licenses which is suitable to help you prepare for the PPL-A, PPL-H, SPL, BPL exam.

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What's the offer?

6 months unlimited access to the training platform, for a one-time payment of €49. You can test our demo!

How does it work?

The training database is aimed to for the licenses PPLA, PPLH, SPL, BPLH, BPLG available in English, Deutsch, Slovenščina, Français. There are general questions that are relevant to all licenses, as well as questions specifically for each license. You can specify and change for which license you want to study at any time. Furthermore, there are two modes to learn:
  • Training: You are continuously asked questions until you get them right, with live feedback.
  • Exam: A mock exam with random questions is prepared, and your score is only revealed after competition.

Additionally, You will get a statistical overview of your progress as well as a ranking on which topics / questions seem to be the most difficult for you and which one seem to be the easiest to prepare you to the fullest.

What is the ECQB-PPL?

The ECQB-PPL is an international question bank for private pilot licenses, which is based on European regulations and standards and is also ICAO-compliant. The questions of the ECQB-PPL are partly published to give candidates the opportunity to prepare for the type of questions. The other part of the ECQB-PPL database is only accessible to aviation authorities. Please note, that the exam currently consists of approximately 50-75% questions from the published part.

The authorities in parts of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovenia use the ECQB-PPL for examinations and many others are coming soon.

What topics are covered?

  1. Air law
  2. Aircraft General Knowledge (+ Instruments)
  3. Communication
  4. Flight performance & planning
  5. Human performance and limitations
  6. Meteorology
  7. Navigation (General + Radio)
  8. Operational procedures
  9. Principles of flight (Aeroplane)
  10. Principles of flight (Balloon)
  11. Principles of flight (Helicopter)